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Ex-bikini boy is now a successful architect, Raph Almeda.

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    1. so clean so good ang room nya mga teh… sino kea nagpakasta sa kanya? matrona or bekiful??? sana akish na lungs koya… ponta ako dyan now na?

      1. ate grey, baditcha din poh sha.. rumirim din yan ng wetpu ng bois.. prang ikaw lang kumakain

      1. No, you! Hi, Gian! How’s your current FA BF? I bet when he’s away, you’ll be bringing home boylets to HIS condo unit in Bellagio, BGC.


  1. How is he a successful architect? Kalevel na ba nya sila Arch Palafox? Recto? Yu? Gan? Calma? Etc.? Congrats to him if he passed the board exams like thousands of examinees do every year. But to be considered a “successful” architect, I believe he should have at least completed one significant project as the lead. #justsaying

    1. Really compare pa more sa mga very accomplished arch. Tanong ko lang nag umpisa ba sila na very accomplished na? Hindi diba lahat nag uumpisa sa baba. At least he is starting a new life doon pa lang may na accomplished na siya. Eh ikaw wala.

  2. madalas siya mag breakfast sa Recovery here in BGC, I guess he lives here…Always with another beautiful ell-built hunk.

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