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  1. Luke: Tamad, Gold-Digger, Social-Climber, User-Friendly, Irresponsible.

    Martin: Hardworking, Family Man, Responsible, Successful, Sociable.

    Palaging pinipili yung demonyo per the aforementioned comments.

    1. jusko san nanggagaling yang grudge mo kay luke!? hala sya oh! ahahaha.luke p rin ako crush ko sya noon e

              1. Grandpa, its not necessary. Just upload the image somewhere and then open the image. Copy the link and comment it here. Don’t cry about some little complications ☺

                1. Grandma, if you want me to post photos showing me with the Jickains, then you should provide the link to your REAL FB ACCOUNT, ok?

                  Stop skipping on your brain medicine, GG. (Geriatric Gay)


      1. Talaga bah, weird, kasi nung bata sila, Martin looks much younger than Luke. So meaning nung nagpakasal si Martin kay Tsang Aiko nasa late teens/early 20’s lang si Luke?

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