Lust Luis

It’s been a while, and we missed Luis Hontiveros and his, uh, sexy antics. It’s a bit grainy but we take what we can get: Luis is all his manspreading glory in Bench Body undies, of course. This may never see the light of a mall store display, so stare in awe. He’s ready and he’s fit, what more can we ask for in this photo that reeks of boyhood funky junk?

Geez, Luisz!

It is rare that main posts are consecutively dedicated to one person. Luis Hontiveros takes that prime honor, if only for the urgent sharing of these caps from his latest movie Palitan showing on Vivamax. He never failed to deliver with the intense acting and of course, drone shots of his wee willie winkie in the scenic waterfalls. Go watch!


Finally, Luis Hontiveros gets to express his erotic side away from the self-made videos into the digital film realm. He’s starring in a new film called Palitan, which called for sexy scenes in most parts. Of course, we won’t see him wanking anymore, but maybe this is a good movie. You know, showcase his acting and all those stuff.

Jizz Luis

You’ve seen his schtick before, now marvel at his new Bench Body ad! Luis Hontiveros completes the local underwear company’s penchant for getting celebrities and waanabes who had wank vids before. We’re glad it’s Luis because he still has the goods to be an underwear endorser. That bulge ain’t fake, just sayin’.