Captain Argel

Argel Saycon, who had his 15 minutes of relative fame via Pinoy Big Brother, makes his social media appearance yet again in undies. He’s not new to this, as he came from the bikini open stage before reality tv beckoned. A little refinement here and there, and voila! Do you think he can be the next Bench Body endorser?

33 thoughts on “Captain Argel”

    1. Ahm, puhrang yah need pouh to be one of two thingsh. either shupah rich, or shupah puhreety like meeh poh. hihi…

        1. Ahrmsh, hi pouh Mishsh Mocca Ushon, nagkita na pouh keo ni Mayorn? Hihi… Puhreety pouh meansh puhrang shomeone who looksh like Ate Catriona, Ate Lizha Shoberano and Meeh pouh. Hihi…

          1. Ahrmsh, hi pouh Posher Lande why youh gaya2? Hihi… Puhreety pouh really meansh puhrita sho you are korek kashe I won’t be here long cosh I got AIDS. Puhrita wid no money to pay fohr mah medications huhuhuhu…

  1. hindu man lang siya nagflex ng muscles… para naman may dating yung picture at maoutshine niya yung juts nyang junjun…

  2. Laspag.
    Nakaka distract ung tats niya, ang sakit sa Mata… ang Booking king ng Pandemic courtesy of Mama Jons… juts!!!

  3. Hello, Admin.

    For early 2022, you can feature boxer-of-the-moment Mark Magsayo, hopefully? 🙂

    Enjoy a peaceful 2021 Yuletide!

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