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To those who are asking (quite incessantly), the streaming platform Vivamax has altogether scrapped the dicks-and-balls show on its R-rated movies. Instead, as a compromise with MTRCB, Vivamax is now showing boobies and butts. Thirty-three-year-old actor Josef Elizalde shows us how (with a nekkid woman).

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  1. That’s the reason why we hate MTRCB most! It makes Philippines more very boring and cheessy. MTRCB is just like the boys such as Carlo Galano, Yasser Marta, Derrick Monasterio and Ruru Madrid!

  2. Kingina talaga ng mtrcb lala sotto na yan. Homophobic na nga mukha pang mangga. Anak naman siya ng rapist. Trapo!! ipokrita! #pepsipaloma #neverforget

  3. I don’t know kung bakit may nanonood pa nito eh puro pwet lang. watch pornhub or xvideos na lang kung nalilibugan. Libre pa at all the way. Burat kung burat. Di puro pwet!

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