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MD1177See through


Kelvin Engles is such a babe!

Totally adorbs

MarkM110Today’s main man Mark McMahon is here partly to countercheck all the recent racy posts on pud-pounding anonymous boys in the worldwide web and partly, well, to provide sweet, sweet man-candy of the chocolate and caramel kind. There is none sweeter than Mark McMahon.


Brother is also a hottie: Paul Gomez Tumulak

Migoy Migoy2Who is Migoy Alcantara?

Ced1 Ced2

Ced Torrecarion started it all!

Hump day break

L1424782Let’s keep it warm and toasty today, okay? In the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mean Mike Teavee complained that the Chocolate Factory tour doesn’t make sense and has no point. To which, good Charlie Bucket replied: “Candy doesn’t have to have a point. That’s why it’s candy.”  After all the sex videos and screencaps, I wish to declare that this blog doesn’t have to have a point. It’s enough that you see the eye-candy -sweet, bitter, sour, bland, fusty even – in this site. Unapologetically, this is a photoblog – pornographic or otherwise – that will never put sense into your lives. Meanwhile, if you can stand the posts, enjoy the scrumdidliumcious photos in the coming days.


Perky Butt gets prepped.


Sizzlers: Jericho Rosales (right) and teenage son, Santino.


Up close and very personal: Ejay Falcon

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