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Smell Derrick’s gym bod

Donny Pangilinan shows some skin

I wonder why many are requesting for Bruno Gabriel’s photos today

Brothers Robbie and Hero Padilla

MCM: Graham

Here’s my small contribution for Mancrush Monday and I know we couldn’t ask for more! Athlete and occasional underwear model Graham Caygill hams it up for Bench underwear. I believe that from acorns grow mighty oaks, so no matter what was or was not going on there, I’m all for a little divine feature such as this.

Model Gerson Rome is horse-hung

Mr. World Phils ru Wilfred Placencia

Addy Rad!

Addy Raj is determined and he wants your attention! He’s spiking up the sexiness a wee bit and it looks like it’s working. The loose Bench Body undies highlight his, uh, manly shapes and stuff, revealing quite a little of that junk in the trunk. Isn’t he a hottie?

Mauro Lumba ready

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