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Dennis12Summer’s definitely not over yet with these boys! Dennis Trillo has been spotted out at sea and he’s flaunting his hot bod. Not that we haven’t seen him in his sexiest yet (refer to Naked Truth post). Then again, who wouldn’t want such an image of a shirtless adorable guy these (rainy) days?

Ge3Not to be outdone, Gerald Anderson is also half-naked on the beach. Such gay gladdening, indeed! Mr. Anderson has always been a favorite in this site and that banging body is just enough to fuel many nasty thoughts about this boy!

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  1. Sarap naman na breakfast to.. Pareho silang masararp.. Walang itutulak, puro kabig.. Hehehe..

  2. They both look ordinary when you put them abroad. Walang dating hindi artistahin… just sayin’

  3. Ewan ko b sa mga girls kung ano nakita dito kay Dennis e pandak naman at maliit titi, nambubugbog pa. Magaling siguro gumiling hahahaha

    1. Pandak p b ung 5’7 syo teh? Ang perfect mo nman nkkahiya tumabi syo. Me mirror b s haws nyo para mkita mo itsura mo hahaha.

    1. May isang pic si Dennis same vacation na kitang kita yung tirik na tirik nipples nya..sarap grabe. Sarap ng chest nya!

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