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dencioIt has been a while since we last saw Dennis Trillo at his sexiest (read: in underwear). Hopefully, that Bench Body stint wasn’t the last. These days, he’s contented teasing and pleasing with some sexy body parts. Like this pits shot. We may never see him don those nasty undergarments in the near future, but any show of skin is greatly appreciated.


These are not Dennis dick pics, though. Dennis is cut while this dude’s got the foreskin and stuff and I wish I can name him now. As for Dennis,  if you search far and wide in the world wide web, there’s a photo somewhere of Dennis and his little member. Remind me to post that some other time.

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  1. RD left a clue the other day out of the blue: JC DOMINCEL!!!!
    Short torso, slight beard, and uncut!!!

  2. uso pa ba ang pinoy na ndi tule? horrors. pero kung ganyan lang din kalaki, kakainin ko pa rin. hihihi.

    1. You need new glasses at titigan mo uli ang mga pics ni Dennis..Anong padding ang sinasabi mo?.. Hayzzzz may masabi lang!

      1. Anong pics ang pinagsasabi mo? Bakit andun ka ba sa make-up room? Eh ikaw pictures lang ang pinagbabasehan mo. #iconfirmmuna

    1. Sorry ha, Row 4 sobra ang analysis mo.. Nagpost na nga ng nude pics Joseph D si RD, sasabihin mo si Joseph D. rin ito…Hayzzzz!

  3. Dennis is better looking in person, to my surprise. He looks mabango and he is quite personable.

  4. I have seen DENNIS – he is short, ordinary-looking. kaya lang sya tinitingnan ng tao, e siyempre artista at napapanuod sa tv. kung hindi sya artista, no one will have a second look at him.

  5. daku ba talaga ang jr ni Denco at super baliw ang mga gurls sa kanya.hmmmm.makatas din ba kaya

  6. Ang LAKI pala ng titi ni Luis Hontiveros, I saw d video na… Pero tutuo ba na Bi. Or PLU siya???

  7. Shut up mga beki balbon po ang dibdib ni domincel at mabilog unlike nsa pix. At tuli po sya i should know kc sa uncle ko sya ngpatuli nung 12yo stop this nonsense crop ok.

    1. CRAP and not “Crop” – TANGA

      I should kapa dyan at nagpatuli sa Uncle mo. Baka tinuli ka ng Uncle mo tapos bini-BJ ka niya tapos nagsex kayo ng Uncle mo.


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