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We always knew, right? That 29-year-old actor  Geoff Eigenmann is a biggie man!  He lost a lot of weight and he’s going around town proudly showing off his new body. Although it still does not have the perfect cuts and curves, Geoff now has a relatively leaner and tighter bod. But big bulge, still.


Stout is the New Sexy


We still love Jake Cuenca to bits. He’s putting it all out for the carbs eaters out there. That it’s perfectly fine to gobble loads of rice and giant burgers and  chunks of steaks, with some lard and Cheetos on the side. Our ultimate Bench Body endorser did his a swan song last weekend, and he went out on top!


In case you  are interested in Jakey’s package. Here’s a tiny glimpse.


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  1. geoff is sexy? he can keep his bulge…i’m not interested…i have seen this fatso at shangrila mall, with my boyfriend at my side, then looked at my bf – then told him, you are taller and definitely sexier than this geoff whose only passport to showbiz is his family name….

    1. Ah okay, nakita ko kayo nun na magka holding hands pa, kamukha niyo nga si bentong at empoy. Ang guguwapo niyong dalawa!

    2. tingin ko kyo mga magdyowa n baklang bakla na pagala gala sa shangrila..haist buti n lang ndi nmn kyo pinansin ni geoff

    3. Kung gusto mo ng sexy and tall…gusto ko ang mighty meaty. Kaya Inday, puede ba eh huminahon ka!!!!!Your ignorance is showing.

  2. jake cuenca’s act is comparable to an aging star dancer in a gaybar who does everything to get noticed more than the younger ones who are sexier.

    he should know when to stop..mukha syang trying hard..the audience and netizens could have appreciated him more if he wore a sexy but more decent underwear, but with dramatic routine, for his last show.

  3. RD, ifeature mo naman ang GForce stallions na nagsayaw sa show. alam ko hindi sila sing gwapo pero ang lalakas ng dating nila lalu na ang gagaling magsayaw. pwedeng pwedeng male revue!!!

  4. geoff – halos araw arawin nya kung kantutin si carla dati. kaya nga tira tirahan na lang ni geoff si carla. sobrang luwag na ng keps ni carla dahil sa malaking kargada ni papa geoff

    jake – maliit lang ang burat nito pero demonyo naman daw sa kama. magaling kumantot

  5. Sarap ni Geoff totoong bukol di gaya ni Tom na may padding. Sana may clearer shot pa RD pero thanks for posting this. I like his body kesa sa mga ripped boys na wala nmang personality puro abs lang haha.

  6. they hate jake cuenca because they can’t accept how hot he was during the event.. i love his bulge, butt and everything i saw. no need to be faked.. as is!!

  7. yes, pls feature the g-force…may animal appeal talaga sila, lalo na pag kumadyot kadyot si rayan, naku, kumikilig na ang kuyukot ko hahaha

    1. Teh kahit wala pa si Geoff eh talagang mataas na ang cholesterol mo. Palibhasa di mo afford ang maintenance meds mo laya wag kang ilusyunada!

  8. trying hard to the max ang geoff na to. nakita ko na to at ordinary lang. kung di sya anak ng artista ay di makikilala. nagpapaseksi na yan para mapansin e tabachingching naman.

  9. there’s no harm na magpa-sexy pero siguruhin muna na talagang sexy…Para ding prutas yan…hindi porke maganda ang face value eh sexy na talaga

  10. RD, can you make post with a succession of Jake Cuenca images from his first Bench appearance to his last? Gusto ko lang kasi makita kung paano nagbago yung physoque niya through the years.

  11. Ang lakas daw ni Geoff kumain sa set pag may shooting. Kain ng kain. No wonder masyuba sya. Ultimately tataba din sya. Di nya maiiwasan yun.

  12. Where jake is concerned, “tiny” is d operative word. Ahihihi! Kahit anong galing nia pa, kundi ka ma-hurt bitin talaga…

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