Boyz n the ‘hood

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! How do I know? I can smell the heady mix of musky, sweaty bodies, old soap and stale cologne. They are oozing with testosterone and then some! Gerald Anderson and his slick squad is whipping up a  lustful frenzy in this photo. From left: Jalal Laidan, Ali Claus, Fred Payawan, Ken Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, Joey Espiritu, Joe Vargas and Lou Abad.


Fab Boy

He is not actually new in showbiz town because the guy’s been around for quite some time. He is a member of the Fab Boys, that group of dancers supporting heartthrob Gerald Anderson in his live shows. Twenty-three-year-old Ali Claus is the tallest in his group and he’s also the cutest. Ali – who is from Caloocan City and once a student at the University of the East [UE] – has been in Gerald’s posse for a few years now, and his exposure in Gerald’s numerous shows is getting him noticed by talent agents and casters.