Boyz n the ‘hood

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! How do I know? I can smell the heady mix of musky, sweaty bodies, old soap and stale cologne. They are oozing with testosterone and then some! Gerald Anderson and his slick squad is whipping up a  lustful frenzy in this photo. From left: Jalal Laidan, Ali Claus, Fred Payawan, Ken Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Rayver Cruz, Joey Espiritu, Joe Vargas and Lou Abad.


The Cruzes

The Cruz clan is a good-looking lot in showbiz. The guys, they go sexy shit, sometimes.

On top of the list is ex-actor Renzo Cruz, who was a Playboy underwear model then …
… before he became one of the go-to guys in the soft-porn movie craze of the early 90s.

He likes hitting the pool table
and lounging outside. Nekkid.
And then there’s little-known Joemar Cruz,

who starred in late unlamented flicks 
First Time…Like A Virgin and Campus Girls, all in 1992.
Cut to present-day sexy Cruz bodies.
Bodie Cruz is daring and baring! In the meantime, he appears in bit roles on tv.
The more famous Cruz these days, Rayver and …
Rodjun – two sexy, shirtless chunks of hard and sweaty flesh!

Metro Bodies: The Brothers Cruz

Of course, I’m going to ask yet again: Who’s hotter? The brothers Cruz are gym rats, you can actually tell from their hot, hot bods. But who’s doing it for you? Rodjun the Elder, with the ripped bod and cute face? Or Rayver the Younger, with the concave sternum and the fair features?


There were some epic moments in the recently held Cosmo Bachelors Bash. 
The boys got naughty and they got carried away. 
 Carlos Agassi jigged and dropped his pants to reveal gaudy Guitar underwear.
 Sam Ajdanii revealed some coin drop.
 JC de Vera opened his fly and teased the audience.
 Singer Markki Stroem wanted to pull his shorts down. Propriety got the better of him.

 Actor and dancer Rayver Cruz grabbed a banana and slammed it into some fat male person.

Model-actor Victor Basa had a hard-on he can’t quite contain.
Cosmo cover boy Alden Richards went greasy all over.
Tall model Martin Flores donned tighty whities.And then got wet.

Bumps and Pageantry

The boys really went out to play. And pose and preen to the delight of girls and girls alike. The Cosmo Bash this year offered some surprises. Cover boy Alden Richards came out in tiny shorts with a noticeable lump.

A very Clen, uh, clean and cut JC de Vera surprised every one on stage. 
He’s poised to make it big this year in ABS-CBN.

GMA’s leading man Aljur Abrenica is still at it, this time teasing in white shorts. 
He had a boner and happy to see the screaming fans.

Oh, and Rayver Cruz was force feeding his banana to a guy in the audience! Gasp!

While brother Rodjun Cruz danced with his fly open.

The loudest shrieks of the night? The TomDen duo! 
Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez played up the crowd in their MHL form. Sweet!

Plus, there were streakers wearing masks.

And guys showering on stage in their tighty whities!

Centerfolds 2013!

It’s that time of the year. You know, Cosmo Bash and lewd boys on stage. This year, Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine came up with the “naughty schoolboys” theme. There are familiar faces. Probably they got sexier this year.

Here we go with the 10 Centerfolds. Who’s your top in the batch?