Where the boys are

The boys are out! They’re ringing in the New Year with their vacation photos, some with their boy  friends. We’re actually loving them, aren’t we?

Prince and Paolo are in Bangkok for the White Party.

Janjep Carlos headlined the Bangkok White Party.

Ahron Villena is somewhere in the Swiss Alps with beau.

Kennedy Alfonso is also in Europe with  bf. Sshh.

Alex Diaz spends time with Sam Concepcion in La Union.

Metro Body: Sam

And while we can never see Sam Concepcion‘s bulge [or lack of it] in his newly-minted-gym-bod party via the Body Issue of Metro Magazine this January, at least we can examine his pits, his nips, his beautiful, young torso. Is he going all out this year? Will he finally don the skimpy Bench Body briefs? Are we even interested?

Part Two

Now that the sensational prime time soap of GMA, My Husband’s Lover has ended, many are still itching for another pair, a handsome-boys tandem to portray happy but ill-fated lovers on screen. In the mold of TomDen – Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, of course.
 Maybe a Jake CuencaPaulo Avelino partnership? They do well on tv, plus they have no qualms with the butt-baring, bulge-brandishing scenes, thanks to their experience modeling underwear for local brand Bench Body. Portmanteau: PauJake or Jakulo

How about GMA performers, Enzo Pineda and Rocco Nacino as a couple? They can and will do anything for that elusive thing called fame.  Portmanteau: EnCo or RoNzo
Oh, the boys have grown! Arron Villaflor and Sam Concepcion, erstwhile lanky-sissy teens have all emerged from baby fat. Perhaps they can be a duo on tv, kissing and making out. Portmanteau: SamRon
 Or Piolo Pascual and Coco Martin? They will have to do the adult version, of the hopeless and angst-ridden romance variety. With lots of physical and intimate contact, of course. Perfect for late prime time.  Portmanteau: PioCo or CoPio  

 Teejay Marquez and Zuher Bautista for the TeeHer love team [to the chagrin of you-know-who]? Why not? It will be a launching of sorts. But then again, I’m digressing. Silly me.

Miscellany Saturday

Today I am posting your contributions – photos of half-nekkid boys that went through the mail. Some are too good not to share. Young and not-so young actors and celebs. They are all here!

 Model and part-time actor Alizon Andres shows what stuff he’s made of.
 Arron Villaflor gives a hint, size-wise.

 Of course, the two Sams – Sam S. a.k.a. Vince and Sam A. are such sights to behold.

 Bit player Carlo Aquino tries sexy.
 Athlete and chef Erwan Heusaff is bulge-y.
 Young actor Albie Casino is bulging.
 And this is how racy Hideo Muraoka can get these days. Boxer briefs!

 Budding actor and singer Sam Concepcion looks mighty fine!

 And Jake Cuenca runs in the neighbourhood shirtless with perky nips.

 Has-been JC de Vera prepares for his ABS-CBN casting couch.

 Theater actor and tv bit player Jay Gonzaga is out and proud of his hot bod.

 June Macasaet is still a runway model. In tight and sexy clothes.

 Singer Kris Lawrence makes up for lack of height and face value with his well-sculpted body.

 Luis Alandy sells his meat, man meat!

 Mark Bautista has a smokin’ body. In the rain!

 Paulo Avelino got bigger and cuddlier. 

 Piolo‘s always ready.

 The Semerads have bubble butts!

Centerfolds 2013!

It’s that time of the year. You know, Cosmo Bash and lewd boys on stage. This year, Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine came up with the “naughty schoolboys” theme. There are familiar faces. Probably they got sexier this year.

Here we go with the 10 Centerfolds. Who’s your top in the batch?

The Year That Was: BYTs

Bright young things. These are the future centerfolds of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine. The new leading men of the near course of events. The young hunks gracing Mens Health magazine and shirtless-hunks-on-the-cover pulp. This year they did good: ABS-CBN’s prized singer-actor Sam Concepcion [left] is venturing into hunkingdom come, thanks to exposure at the recent Bench Universe show.  GMA’s teen actor Derrick Monasterio [center] is getting noticed, what with lead status in the station’s afternoon soaps. Check out the December 12, 2012 episode of his fantasy series, Paroa: Ang Kwento ni Mariposa, where Derrick had some under-the-rain-and-in-shorts shots. Promising, really.  And of course, Aljur‘s brother, Avin Abrenica winning TV5’s Artista Academy. His station’s giving him all the shots – shows and soaps with top marquee actors by his side.  Who’s making it big in 2013?

Forever Young

I’m thinking of buying Sam Concepcion‘s new album “Forever Young” if only for the publicity photos that are being released. The 18-year-old singer is getting hotter these days with a better body. Here’s the PR – Teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion announces the release of his latest single “Forever Young.” The Alphaville original is part of Sam’s latest CD release – “Forever Young.” The album also contains tracks lifted from his “Pop Class” DVD.