Super Eddie BTS



Eddie403aOne more time, here’s Edward Mendez in raw shots during his photo session. Of course, everything’s not photoshopped as he has that body to die for! I can never get enough of this chunky hunky man!

Dream Body Eddie

Eddie401 Eddie403Cue swooning! Most adorable, sexy, lovable hunk Edward Mendez is back to reveal more! Of course, he’s still doing that body fitness stuff (Sexy Solutions by Belo) and promoting it with just his underwear on. With his hot bod, disarming smile and boyish appeal, he can’t go wrong, enough to make the girls and girls swoon over him even more.

Super Eddie. Again.

Since there has been an Eddiemania the past couple of weeks in this site, why not another heaping helping of this chunk of a man? And since it’s a Thursday, this one’s a bit of a throwback. Were you looking for this shot of Edward Mendez in the Kung Fu Divas movie?

Dream Body Again

This is your dream body. Lean, taut. With a handsome mug attached to it. Add in some strong arms and hands. A bit of hair, in the right places, of course. And that great promise of crotch. As gay theorist Ron Long would say:  there’s a substantial presence there that’s palpable (it looks so touchable, you want to cup your hand over it) and very, very male.

Dream Body HD

Once around. Here are pictures of Edward Mendez again, this time in HD, as he’s busy promoting his new fitness book, Your Dream Body Come True. Fat, flabby and lonely people should buy this one since it promotes health and fitness. Plus we’ll get to see lots of shirtless photos of this hunky guy. And just to be clear, he knows what he’s talking about: he graduated with a degree in Sports Science and Medicine from the University of Maryland in College Park. Your Dream Body Come True is available in National Book Store and Fully Booked for Php 799.


Hunky Edward Mendez has a sexy solution to your ugly flabby figure. It’s in a book, which the handsome fitness expert is set to launch today. Join Edward for the book launch of “Your Dream Body Come True” on 8 March 2014, 3 pm at the National Book Store in Glorietta 1, Makati City. The book presents the most effective training and diet principles that are valuable to attaining a dream body.  Your Dream Body Come True is available for Php 799 at the National Book Store.

Cock Tease

Oh, it would be nice to see multi-hyphenated personality Edward Mendez totally nekkid. And then again we would have to be contented with his dick-teasing for now, with some groin here and a bit of flesh there. Such a fine specimen, this Edward person. 

Edward Munch

Handsome model, fitness and nutrition expert and showbiz bit player Edward Mendez is showing off his goodies! Of course, all eyes turn towards that ridiculous bulge down there. Eddie studied Sports Science and Medicine from the University of Maryland, College Park . 

Fit Edward

On Throwback Thursday, model-actor-fitness-expert Edward Mendez dons grandpa underwear! He’s still looking hot and sexy, though. Edward has gone a long way from one of the first contestants of Mossimo Bikini Summit [the year Carlo Maceda won], to top-model status and a bit player in the movies and tv, and now as a “fitness -wellness consultant” for a “holistic fat reduction clinic.”


Nothing beats the summer heat than the sight of a nekkid hunk on the beach, on a cloudless sky. Just like the sight of a bulging Edward Mendez, all prepped for the season. Eddie is a 6’1″-tall actor, model and fitness-wellness consultant for Sexy Solutions, a “holistic fat reduction clinic.”
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