Love Birds

This is the mark-your-gay-calendar post.  On 4 December 2008 at the UP Film Institute, the movie Love Birds will have its premiere night.  This is the movie where the Johnron plays support to Joseph Izon and an import – a Puerto Rican based in L.A. who goes by the name of Alexys Fernandez [in photo with Mr. Izon]. Of course, it’s a happy gay movie set mostly in bucolic San Pablo City in Laguna [The City of the Seven Lakes!].  Joseph Izon‘s photos – naked and sinfully delish – for the promo of the movie, are now all over the web, but there’s more to see in the film from the makers of Sikil and Kurap – Roni Bertubin [director] and Ome Avellanosa [screenplay].

Turn up the heat!

Sex in the shower
is so overrated, baby.
The space is so tight
there’s no room to move.
So since I can never slip inside,
I’ll just sit here outside
the clear glass door
and watch you rub your body
all over with soap.

– John Solomon, Your Voyeur

That’s Joseph Izon by the shower, in shots fantastic, showing us how to beat the summer heat. Joseph Izon seems to be getting a lot of notice lately, as his home studio has been giving him projects – guest stints, actually, in its shows. Indie movie producers are also eyeing the hunky moreno for their feature flicks. Hopefully, it would be the bare-all kind.

And more Joseph Izon

While Marimar lead actor Dingdong Dantes is putting on one-size-under briefs for his Bench underwear endorsement, support actor Joseph Izon – who stood as Marimar‘s bodyguard in the series, is also donning a skimpy bikini. The latest shots of Joseph Izon had him in wet electric blue trunks, titillating in two sizes under. I wonder who’s next in the Marimar cast?

Joseph Izon gets hotter!

Buy the latest issue of Frontman magazine, and you’ll see a Brazilian fly-in model, Jay Santos and Joseph Izon, in adult-arousing poses that are drool-worthy. It looks like Joseph Izon is making some career moves after his long break from showbiz, which started from the post-That’s Entertainment teenybopper show, Best Frends. Last seen as the hunky bodyguard in the hit primetime series, Marimar, on Channel 7, Joseph Izon is setting his sights on a bigger comeback in showbiz soon.

Marimar’s Bodyguard

Cast as the ubiquitous bodyguard on primetime tv’s highest-rated series, Marimar, is Joseph Izon, erstwhile teen actor on GMA 7. He used to be on Best Frends [yes, it was spelled that way by Kuya Germs after the demise of That’s Entertainment], then TGIS and the first batch of Click – the afternoon teen shows of GMA way back in the 90s. After doing the movie Hubog [Wretched Lives] in 2001, he seemed to have disappeared into the backlot. Now, we see him every night as the main guard of Marimar also on GMA 7. He is set to appear as one of the lead actors [the other being Sherwin Ordonez – long overdue for the bigtime, if you ask me] in director Roni Bertubin’s latest digital flick, Kurap.