Boys in the Water

The prevailing theme is boys in the water in candy-colored clothes. Yes, they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest. That will do, for now, as we can only imagine these Meant to Be and Boybandph cuties getting their sexy on. My best bets who’ll go first are  Tristan and Russel, Addy and Jak. Anything for that elusive superstardom.

Awesome Foursome

Out of the woodwork, they come! It’s that time of the season when the boys go out to play, amidst the heady mix of sweet sweat and raging hormones. Of course, they’re averse to clothes – the lesser, the better. Behold the bod brigade!

Boys Aloud

These shirtless boys are pimping for their new show Meant To Be on GMA and they’re taking their shirts off in the name of hotness (or cuteness, or whatever).  Somehow, we get the storyline: four hot boys of diverse backgrounds parade in their states of half-nakedness to vie for the top prize.

I’m watching this show because of Ivan Dorschner, Ken Chan, Addy Raj and Jak Roberto‘s antics on the pool. It seems they’re always there, like a meeting place of some sorts. We fully understand the show’s inadequate budget for wardrobe, and we greatly appreciate it in this site.

Now and Ken

We’re having Chinese New Year hangover. Main dish today is young actor Ken Chan. Time (and a bit of styling) changes everything. He looks surprisingly good these days, and I’m aghast I haven’t featured him any sooner. Next time, he’ll be in bad-ass underwear.