Machete Ends

Oi! What would make you want to sit down and watch Machete again and again? Say, for example, it will be extended for another season, what do you want [and not want] to see in the sexy Aljur series? Less wooden acting? Kill all the unknown female leads? Make him wear wet briefs all the time? Machete‘s going to be axed soon [get it? axed! lol] and some are not pleased. Maybe GMA-7 will extend just for a bit. Any suggestions?

Opening Doors

IKR? But give it to me just this time. More images of him, of course. Hot and fresh off the behind-the-scenes grill. This time, he’s covering the February 2011 issue of Men’s Health Philippines. If you noticed, he’s still “fat” in these pictures, which were taken last December when his training for his new prime time show wasn’t yet in full blast. Now, he’s fit and fascinating, in time for the preem of his show later after the news at GMA-7!

Stout Boys Are Sexy

In the upcoming series [due 24 January 2010 on GMA-7’s prime time] Machete portrayed by it-boy Aljur [bottom images], the male support are also going sexy. The brother of Richard Gutierrez [not the extra pudgy one] is there, and so is Polo Ravales [see his buttocks]. Now, if you are into bears and cubs and chubby guys, Ryan Eigenmann is also wearing a skirt in the fantasy show. Right on!


It’s the changing of the guards! Dynamic adjustments are under way on prime time tv! The younger ones are taking over the lead, and the boys are going sexy. They are pushing the hemlines of their shirts higher and the waistlines of their pants lower, subsequently losing their clothes along the way to test the limits of television. Indeed, the twenty-something actors are making forceful leaps and lopes on their way to tv dominance. The movies are next!


Here, you can use these images in your sites to promote the showing of GMA-7’s newest prime time show Machete on 24 January 2011. The station’s going full blast in the promos and you’ll see an overload of images in the days to come. You can’t complain because these are photos of the sexy young man doing that wooden figure character. Hopefully, the series won’t disappoint.


How’s that for an exclusive? From the photo shoot of his new prime time series Machete on GMA-7, Aljur preens and poses in his new costume. Since it’s on tv, the outfit’s more conservative than the character’s garb [or lack of it] in the movies. So you see, we catch a glimpse of Aljur nips here, some sighting of sturdy upper legs, a clenched fist and butt, a slight bulge there, and a whole serving of abs. What more can we ask for?

Here We Go Magic

Are these new images of Aljur‘s costume for Machete? Or just publicity photos to please? You’ve cast your vote for his garb and the results are overwhelming in favor of hideous. Did GMA-7 heed our call for an overhaul? What do you think about this one? Let’s storm the high heavens [or maybe, just the 17-storey network building] again! What else needs improving?