All Out

The opening number of Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show 2 held the the Metrobar along West Ave., Quezon City, went something like the photo above. The guys posed and walked naked, like the famous Oblation Run at the State University, except that the guys here merely strode and strolled on stage prior to modeling the bikinis. The tall guy in the center is dauntless Jeffrey Surio.

Private Parts Wearables

UPH dragged me to Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show at the Metro Bar in West Ave., Quezon City. Somehow we had to experience watching a bikini fashion show for men, he said. And besides, Joaquin Casado is there, UPH tried to convince me. That did it. Despite the silly weather, the heavy traffic along EDSA, and the distance from our houses, we hurriedly went to West Ave. and searched for Metro Bar. The show started late but it was a grand butt-and-bulge show. There were funny bikinis on male models, guys you wouldn’t find in the Cosmo list [but Zachi Uy of Mossimo 2007 was there!]. Kish Mcbride, Dexter Castro, Jeffrey Surio and Will Sandejas were the more prominent [read: photos posted here somewhere] guys in wonderful, colorful, wearable, elegant, innovative intimate apparel. Cough. Too bad Joaquin Casado was a no-show.