Au Naturel

If this is mid-life social media crisis, then we gladly want him to stay that way: naked all the time. Troy Montero has been bulge-pimping these days in his accounts, but this one takes the cake. He’s showing off skin, lots of skin in a public pool under the hot summer sun. Who are we to complain?


TroyMove along little boys, here comes a real chunky hunky man. Best remembered, perhaps, for his late lamented showbiz career as a lead actor and for his sexy underwear endorsement (gasp!), Troy Montero has captured the sighs of girls and young boys no doubt over the past two decades (he started in 1996). He’s back in the limelight. Well, in this site, actually, because I like him a lot and he’s showing off some bulge and he still packs a wallop.


For Not-So Vintage Sunday, we’re having an epic hunk of showbiz past. In all the six years of this blog, no image or photo of Filipino-American Troy Montero was ever posted. Such a shame because this hunk goes up there in the drool-worthy guys list. In the recent past, he was an underwear model [I think Dickies, and you can still see a smattering of his tighty-whities photos in the Web]. Troy, who’s probably around 36 years old now, is still in the country, happily married and running an advertising business.