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Athletic bulge

IMG_3645It looks like the trend in putting athletes (footballers and rugby players for that matter) in underwear endorsements is back! Football player Graham Caygill follows in the footsteps and bulge prints of Neil, Aly and the rest of the chunky-hunky lot called the Volcanoes and the Azkals, in modeling undergarments!

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    1. Pumunta ka nalang sa condo niya at sabihan mo siya na ipakita bulge niya sayo. For sure bangkay mo ife-feature sa TV Patrol.

      Bastos na kadiring bakla ka.

      1. Why I love reading the comments.

        80% – baklang nag ookrayan sa isa’t isa
        20% – gossip about the featured guy

  2. Salamat naman at balik bortaness na ang models ng bench body. Tigilan na ang pagrerecruit ng mga payatolang paminta pwede vah!

  3. Bench should put these men in the limelight kesa yung mga twinky endorsers na bading ngayon: Martin, Dom, Markki and Enzo Pineda! Susme!

  4. correct me if i’m wrong, i think grayham never played for azkals.. he played for meralco sparks in afl for few games but not in their current active player right now. so technically he is just a model and tv host at the moment.

    1. Napaka redundant naman ng sentence mo. Current na active pa na may right now pa. Ang sakit sa ulo. Talgalogin na lang teh, ok lang naman.

  5. pwede bang panoorin ang azkals habang nagprapractice sila? basang basa sila sa ulan kahapon bakatchina ang mga barako for choor!

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