Hot Men in the Philippines

Seriously, it’s like you’re photoshopped!

Philippines Philippines1That’s Mr. Philippines, Joseph Doruelo in the waters of Pattaya for the Mister Global competition. With insane hips and odd cuts, the registered nurse from Caloocan City hopes to win the international title (following the footsteps of his winner in the national pageant, Neil Perez).

Aljur AbrenicaAnd while no one was looking, Aljur Abrenica quietly slipped back into the loving arms of the station that discovered him. After his falling-out with GMA – with tales of being sexually exploited and all – the young hunk is back, promising to be a good boy to bare more this time. I’m delighted, of course.

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  1. susmaryosep..grabe ang sex appeal nito…bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko, joseph? shet na malagkit halika na utoy hehehe

  2. SOBRANG Photoshoppped to the max ang ateng Joseph Doruelo! Hindi po ganyan fezlak at katawan nyan in reality! Hwag masyadong magpapabiktima sa mga Edited Photos!

    1. gaga ka… kuha ng mister global yun sa thailand. so sinasabi mo na pina photo shop ng mister global org ang picture ni joseph? ISTUPIDA!!!

  3. mas maraming pogi sa Mister Global lalo na si Mr Brazil super hunk! Unless Joseph sleeps with the organisers hahahaha

  4. frankly, i don’t think he’ll win. hindi siya guwapo, maganda lang ang katawan, pero dito mukhang “enhanced” ang photo. so much in fact that his body looked like that of a woman. and yes i heard he’s gay, beking beki nga raw in person.

    1. Ano na naman yang pinagsasasabi mong katalangkaan, bakla? Hindi gwapo?!! Just google Joseph Doruelo’s images from the ongoing Mister Global activities. From swimwear to formal wear to natcos, standout si Joseph in the looks department. Meron siyang X factor that gives him the edge. Check out the coverage of this male pageant in and see for yourself. I hope you don’t mind the unintentional plugging, RD.

  5. so gaaay po etong si aling josepha d. baklingge talaga in person. so gay magsalitha si madame josepha d.

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