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JasonSuddenly he’s relevant again. Jason Abalos may have had his brush with oblivion and bit-playerness, but he’s not going down just yet. He’s the newest prime time lead actor with the success of his Two Wives soap in ABS-CBN. The thirty-something ex-underwear model and award-winning actor is showing us lately what he’s got, and he’s one heck of a man now!

BrodieThe tattooed guy in that Speedo group has a name! He is Canadian model and fitness guru Brodie Nero! Although the 6’2″-tall hunk has only been here for a short period of time, he has already appeared in major fashion shows and magazine editorials.

JheemOf course, you know him! A day without a bikini boy in various statse of sleaze is like a day without the, uh, sun. Well, at least in this site. Jheem Kazumi is back, making the prissy squirm in dem pants and the adventurous ones, giggle with delight.

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  1. RD pa book ba si JHEEM? If ever he’s pa book, how much ang damage? Do you have his contact info? I like him soooooooo much.

  2. Nakasabay ko to si Jheem sa Cr sa isang bar sa San Pedro, yung Cr kasi dun maliit tapos tatluhan. Di ko maiwasang di silipin kargada nya, grabbeeeeee ang taba! Patay pa yun ha.. Di kahabaan pero mataba talaga. For sure wasak pepe ng makakama nila.

      1. Usual response ng taong either walang laman ang bulsa at naiinggit, or hindi marunong makisakay sa ilusyon ng iba.

  3. Hipon lang itong si Jheem eh! Parang talagang kolbamic ang aura, ang katawan! That kilikili and singit! Ouch! Sige!! Higa at bukaka lang boy at magpasuso maghapon sa mga baklitang tigang including myself! Bwahaha

  4. Pwede po bang makuha yun kontak number ng bugalloo ni Jheem? Willing to pay 5k for a night stand.

  5. Sana naman nilagay mo na number ni Jheem dito RD hahahha tutal alam naman natin na booking boy sya

  6. mga bakla! kung gusto nu c jheem gorabells, bsta afford nu, ajah!=} satisfaction ntn yan… at
    ikaw na YEAH RIGHT!.. watever!. suksukan k ng ampalya mo,ateh! …nu b maidudulot ng pgkontra mo sa mga kgustuhan ng mga beku. !. guardian k b ni jheem.. stalker b.. lam b yan ni jheem? inlove k b sa kanya..? ateh, nu b stand mo sa kanya.?…but anyway ibook n c jheem..

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