Hot Men in the Philippines

Pure testosterone

Locker1 locker2This is my dream locker room, clean and smelling of men and their bodies, and hints of feet, pits and butts sometimes. It’s the heady mix of testosterone, musk, sweat and the odor of body parts from hunks, good looking hunks like Gaz Holgate, Chris Everingham, Harry Morris and Andrew Wolff. This is about as good as it gets.

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  1. this is paradise! luv to be in this room with these hot cocks and of course the cool masculine smell makes me hot! luv to go shower with them.

    1. Hay nako, bakla! Puro ka naman wishing, chupachups pero palagi ka lang nasa kwarto mo.

      Sa bagay, alam mo naman na gugulpihin ka lang nila if you were to try and molest them. At your advanced age, you won’t survive being punched and kicked around.

  2. andrew has that aura na he looks young despite the fact na alam naman natin na may edad na siya. hot daddy!

    at itong si chris, buti na lang hiwalay na siya sa kaniyang chakang girlfriend

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