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The Kid

MartinI can never get enough of Martin del Rosario these days. It’s because he’s always in various stages of undress for the past few months. He’s becoming a mainstay in this site, for crying out loud! I’m not complaining, as I’m actually  in awe! That little boy body, those hairs, the puppy-dog eyes. I can go on for hours, actually.

Summer Semerad

SemeradIt’s been a while since a fine young Semerad graced the pages of this site. Just the same, the twin towers haven’t changed a bit, ever since they came on to our shores:  tall and huge and delish as ever. David Semerad (in picture) is still packing in the goods, to brighten up our lazy sleazy Saturday!


I want to to see Tomas in Bench Body undies again.

enricorobelThe marshmen: Enrico Mofar (left) and Robin Robell


DSC06343 copyHot, hot, hot! Dancer Zeus Collins is wet in the shade, away from the summer sun. And although the heat’s turned up high, sexy Zeus is still solid and stiff, er, stable in midday fun. With the sexy mien and well-sculpted bod [plus a scandalous swelling!], he’s all I need for my dog days ahead.


Quen’s famous armpit! I can smell the baby powder and all the pleasant things from such body part!


Orlando Sol’s channeling his inner caveman. Rawr!


AJ Hanson experiences Business Class to SG with man of the hour. #clouds


Bikini open vet Myles Palisoc hangs up his ‘kinis for a job in Macau!

balls1More of the ballsy bikini open contestant!

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