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IMG_1430Self-proclaimed dapper guy AJ Dee on the beach

Persons of the Year

ScansTo those with finite word-stock, each individual photo in this collage of penis-popping celebs, models, students and wannabes would have to be called a scandal. Of course, a scandal is defined as “an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage.”  There is no general public outrage in these, so we might have to call these huge (or little) nudefies as circumstances with prurient appeal. A quite-famous person’s pecker is definitely more interesting than your usual porn star dingdong. It’s the rarity, the unusualness. The thrill of looking at that prominent member.  These are your Persons of 2015!  No prudity. Oh yes you’re short to see. Gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous, gratuitous nudity!


An explosive NY eve to all!

BFF Goals

James copy

I have always extolled the virtues of James Reid, mostly on aesthetic reasons. How could anyone miss this beautiful boy on tv and the movies? He is perfection on all fronts, from the hairy legs to the tight body. He doesn’t do gutterspeak, common in showbiz, and that makes him extra special. Of course, there’s the sexy Aussie accent. I’ll just let this photo do the talking.


Refreshing Henrik Lagoni!


Post-holiday see through bikini.

boratsRockin’ the Borat mankinis!

ervin1 ervin2

Model Ervin David teases.

The Waters


Wet and wild Robin Robel is turning up the heat! A naked guy in the water is always a refreshing balm for the weary soul (or post holiday body, for that matter).  This senior Masculados member is keeping things warm through the end of the year.

Southern Boy

Juniel copyOur post today is a big reminder that it’s not always slim pickings this side of the world wide web. New boy Juniel Desucatan from Bantayan, Cebu proves that he can be a handsome face with a bangin’ body to boot. Right now, he’s working in the Queen City down South.

junielllThat’s his closeup and I find him sexy and charming. Heck, he can give the local models in Manila a run for their knickers (and money). Quick, someone sign him up!

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