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Markki’s bulge blast!

More Stock

Because I’m loving him now ever since he came into the limelight, Marlon Stockinger gets another post for the week. Anyone who’s sporty and cute and into driving fast (and pricey) cars gets my admiration. The shirtless photos and that junk in the (tri) trunk are major plus points.

This body part belongs to….


On pageant day, Marlon Stockinger is sitting it out.

Meanwhile,  Marx Topacio gathered his model friends and went to the Arena to cheer on.

Slater Young is happy!

Back to back

Yellow is the color of joy! Edward Aquino

Now and Ken

We’re having Chinese New Year hangover. Main dish today is young actor Ken Chan. Time (and a bit of styling) changes everything. He looks surprisingly good these days, and I’m aghast I haven’t featured him any sooner. Next time, he’ll be in bad-ass underwear.

Elmo is wet!

Back view: Jaymark Quintana

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