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Sam or Hideo?

Flashback: the Twins, handsomer and less ink.

Reader submission

Junk Nettles

No one can top Jens Knuttel‘s junk in his trunk, the way this candid dorm photo seems to highlight his bulge prominently. Sometimes, it is sexier to leave some things to the imagination, rather than an in-your-face penis shot that you (and you) have gotten used to in this wayward site. Someone’s going nostalgic in this photo.


Love him or hate him, happy boy Luke Conde works for me in this photo. He’s done a number of things to better himself and that is quite admirable. Showing them off, looking pretty in clean-cut wholesomeness with a bit of raunchy, is worthy of appreciation, too.

Troy Montero’s definitely a DILF!

Imagine boyband Tristan nekkid in this pose.

Nude dude: Mark Cruz

Heck yeah, male strippers!

Dream Team. I choose Jonathan Grey first.

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