Monthly Archives: May 2017

Wayback Wednesday: Fabio Ide up close.

Who is Dhon Christer Samosa?

Budding actor Jules Fernandez

Body of Evidence

Heads up! This is positive proof that Bench Body tinkers with the bodies of its underwear models. Left image was released for digital and store promos. The whole enchilada is in the right photo, which doesn’t leave much to the idle imagination. Who says Tom Rodriguez is flat and boring?

The buzz: Dion‘s video

Try Troy

In bikini open years, Jayvie, Mark and Richard are oldies.

In the Altogether

The gay internet blessed us today with a searing image of Australian (Chinese-Welsh descent) model in Manila, Samuel Jordan Smith. Here he is, in all his altogether for some nude shoot. There’s one shot where he’s showing his wazoo, where the sun doesn’t shine, but that’s too much to be featured in this site, isn’t it?

Kenzo Gutierrez and (introducing) Daniel Angelo Azurin!

Beach boys: Patrick, Josef and Marco

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