Monthly Archives: September 2017

 Allen Molina auditions for the Bench show

Aim a channeling lip

Spring time in Sydney: Rodjun Cruz

Once around: Mr. Tarlac Ion Perez

Kenn Ott, for your daily dose of dick and then some.

Beach Boy

It’s Bench Body season once more, as the local brand mounts its big underwear show! Endorser Pietro Boselli couldn’t be happier to don dem briefs for the ads, teasing and taunting by a lonely beach. Do you prefer him this way, wearing barely-there clothing? Or naked as a jaybird?

Nathan Lopez, the kid from Maximo Oliveros

Please pay for my weekly vacations in nice places, too.

Pit lovin’ with Addy Raj

Albie By Your Side

There is so much to be said about handsome and sexy AF half-naked dudes. Sometimes a little imagination is sexy. You’ve seen his penis, now gaze and be amazed at Albie in jeans. He’s doing just fine, and any new endorsement of this man-boy in states of undress is most welcome in this wayward site.

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