Monthly Archives: September 2017

Hottie 50-year-old Raymond Bagatsing

Man pits alert! Jay Arcilla

There goes the young’un!

Mark’s Hairy Pits

As I’ve always said, there is really something to be said about a half-naked man in bed. Somehow the imagination can run wild with a photo like this. Singer-actor Mark Bautista is back in town and the title of the post pretty much sums the topic all up.  Hairy is heavenly, really.

The things I get in the mail!

Sons of a preacher man

As the song goes, the only ones who could ever reach me were the sons of a preacher man. In this post, brothers Martin and Luke Jickain reached me quite well with these latest baring photos. Martin’s down in Boracay with his family and business and abs, while Luke shot recently for the Bench anniversary as one of the original models of the then-fledgling underwear line. Time flies, beauty’s retained.


David or AVO?

Angelo Ilagan showers


Why do you want to see his pecker again? Haven’t you seen that a lot? Well, actually a couple of times in this blog. Don’t you just want to see models in undies and VPLs and gauzy BenchBody undies? Since you’re an importunate lot, here’s a little something for your Sunday. Where words fail, beauty speaks.

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