Flaccid State

I may never understand why these boys do the swim-bike-run thing under the searing sun, but I am just too glad they’re in their tri-suits – tight and wet and with a hint of their, er, manhood. In this case, Gerald’s little treat for us this hot, hot summer day. Come to Mama~

Bros Before Hoes

You’ve had too much male privates the past few months, it’s time for some guys in clothes! Sometimes, the really sexy ones are best left to the wild imagination, as in the case of the Abrenicas – Aljur, Allen and (A)vin. Someone looks obscenely sexy even when fully clothed. Yes, that one!

Sons of a preacher man

As the song goes, the only ones who could ever reach me were the sons of a preacher man. In this post, brothers Martin and Luke Jickain reached me quite well with these latest baring photos. Martin’s down in Boracay with his family and business and abs, while Luke shot recently for the Bench anniversary as one of the original models of the then-fledgling underwear line. Time flies, beauty’s retained.

Pits of Love

For armpit fetishists, brothers Sam and Tohid Ajdani volunteer today. The sweaty, smelly duo ham it up for the pit selfie of the day. By now, you know how this site works. There’s a prior post on a safe-for-work photo. In the coming days, a revealing photo might just burst out of nowhere. But I digress. Yeah, hot bros and pits!

Triple Treat

The hot season is represented (half-)nakedly, too, by the young ‘uns. If the handsome twins Tyler and Tanner Mata had another brother, it would have to be Emilio Francisco Perez, equally easy-on-the-eyes cute and huge, as I would like to imagine. And envision, I will, as they  strip off and frolic in the pool under the summer sun.

Colt, too

foalbroThere are supposedly seven people in the world who look just like you. This boy could appear to be someone else, like a famous guy or the brother of a relatively famous person. We couldn’t care less as he’s a bit cute and charming. Plus, that mighty penis! Happy Hump Day!


Bros copyWe’ve had a pretty lackluster week in terms of hunks in various states of undress, but what the heck, we’ve had a good run with the naked boys in the sideposts, eh? It’s not that there’s a dearth of bold and baring boys, it’s just that they’re too coy these days. Nevertheless we’re getting two today, and brothers at that! Tohid and Sam Ajdani grace us with their sexy sweaty presence. One is just fine, two is sheer joy!

Double team

Jeremy and Vin LeeLately we’ve been seeing brothers in this site, spawning prurient fantasies about brotherly love. The sight of  sexy siblings in their underwear never fails (see Semerads, Jickains, Kiefers and for some sleaze, the Guesandes). Today, Korean twin brothers and models Jeremy (lying down) and Vin Lee make an appearance in their Bench Body underthings. That’s double the visual pleasure!

The Brothers Agassi

You’ve seen Amir Agassi a.k.a Carlos [left] in various states of undress. Now meet his brothers, equally cute and hot, but out of the spotlight in showbiz. The bear in the middle is Yousef a.k.a Michael, while the one on the right is Ahmad a.k.a. Aaron. Who’s your bet?