Red Crass?

vinleeI don’t know with you, but I’m not about to go Aunty Prude with the recent Red Cross Charity Ball where nearly-naked persons were on display at the Shangri-La at the Fort. It was a welcome sight! Well, at least for this site. Where else can you get up close with the models in all their VPLness, like Vin Lee?


Also, Rein Villareal takes a picture and he likes what he sees. The former Mr. Philippines is getting his major break as a Bench Body model. These days, modeling jobs are slim pickings. It’s a good thing the underwear company’s churning out all these projects for the models.

Objects of Desire

bench1On a rainy Saturday night there were a handful of hunks who kept things as hot and humid as the weather, at the annual Red Cross Charity Ball, the Red Charity Gala at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Fort!  Bench Body’s flesh show contribution was the scene stealer!

bench2The indignities of an underwear model in Manila! Imagine the awkwardness of the guests (and the naked models), but some bold and leering souls clicked away, anyways.


The lobby looked like a scene from Full Massage Boy Thai Club. Rein Villareal, Andrea Biondo, Ben Siao and Johannes Rissler (Mr. Philippines-Germany) in red come hither fashion.


The boys (Rein and Ben) either looked tired or simply putting on a show for the big night presentation.


The Lees were also there – Vin and Carlo!


Rare sighting of Charlie Sutcliffe in undies again.

Robed in splendor

vinlee copyKorean model Vin Lee‘s shortcomings are compensated by his exotic looks and fine physique. It’s hard not to get a little hot and bothered upon seeing this VPL photo of Vin.  Actually, he’s been on the most-photographed-in-his-undies list of male mods in town. That means he’s heating up the scene with his modeling work and a portfolio that’s practically on fire.


vinDirrrty! Sometimes I like the boys a bit dirty and messy. More of the rough-and-tumble kind like this image of Korean model Vin Lee drinking milk in his extra grubby, mucky self. I wouldn’t mind giving him a thorough scrubdown, though.

nando65Don’t you just love cute guys in their tighty whities? They look cool, clean and sexy. Take for example, this guy, Brazilian teen model Fernando Skinner. He’s so adorable in dem white briefs!

Double team

Jeremy and Vin LeeLately we’ve been seeing brothers in this site, spawning prurient fantasies about brotherly love. The sight of  sexy siblings in their underwear never fails (see Semerads, Jickains, Kiefers and for some sleaze, the Guesandes). Today, Korean twin brothers and models Jeremy (lying down) and Vin Lee make an appearance in their Bench Body underthings. That’s double the visual pleasure!