Nando Skin

IMG_1440See, here’s another sexy Brazilian guy, featured here a lot of times before. Teen model Fernando Skinner may not be very visible lately in Manila, but he can whip up some heat once in a while when he does this in Bench Body undies. This whole near-nakedness thing, with all the throbbing veins and the pumped up testosterone, and lots of skin here and there. He is such a dream.


vinDirrrty! Sometimes I like the boys a bit dirty and messy. More of the rough-and-tumble kind like this image of Korean model Vin Lee drinking milk in his extra grubby, mucky self. I wouldn’t mind giving him a thorough scrubdown, though.

nando65Don’t you just love cute guys in their tighty whities? They look cool, clean and sexy. Take for example, this guy, Brazilian teen model Fernando Skinner. He’s so adorable in dem white briefs!

Skinner alive!

Nando Skinner nando skinner1Since #mangina is trending these days, why not this one, who’s here in Manila for runway and commercial work? The newest Brazilian sensation in the local modeling circuit is a teenage dream with the name Nando Skinner. Only 19 years old, Nando has gone around the world for modeling jobs after he was accidentally discovered in a mall in Brazil. That was a bold move, actually.

Monday, Monday, so good to me

JCHe’s hot, alright. But what is it with JC de Vera? He’s not actually getting it, despite moving to ABS-CBN where it was previously presumed he’ll hit it big this time. This time is still Stagnation Alley for the young hunk, and he’s not yet in the big league. Maybe it’s time to take off more clothes?

NandoI introduce to you the newest boy in modeling town, Fernando Skinner! He looks Filipino, right? Or Eurasian. Fernando is actually Brazilian, I’m not sure if he’s a nipo-basiliero, too, like Daniel and Hideo. One thing is certain, though. He is cute and sexy. With a nice butt. And insane abs. Now, that’s a lot of things to rave about this boy!

MikeThere really is something about basketball players that make them oh-s0-freakin’-sexy! Like Mike DiGregorio here who’s teasing and pleasing in various states of Bench Body undress. Mike, who is half-Italian and whole chunk of a man, plays in the 2014-2015 PBA D-League Aspirants Cup.