Monthly Archives: March 2018

Newbie Gab Lagman

New video


Oreo Dude is giving us sweet sugary shirtlessness today! Mustafa Elezali, Mister Egypt and Man of the World winner is here to stay and he’s leading the way where pageant winners go after their year is over – to underwear endorsements . How did he fare this time ?

Who wants to see his dick?

Showoff: Kirst Viray

Jak or Kevin?

Sun Kissed

He got a bit bigger, but Dominic Roque still does it for me. Although Dom’s disappeared from the Bench/Body lineup (and he’s sorely missed) he still continues to sizzle in that fine bod. He’s bulging through, and I know you love him, too!

Meager Viz Mock

The things I get in the mail! Constantly. (more…)

Mature Marc

Mister Universal Ambassador Phils Paul Guarnes

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