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Ex-bikini boy Renzo


What do they have in common?

Mark Striegl gone commando


Who is more popular? Who is sexier? In a battle for the best boy over at the Bench/Body backlot (or basement), will it be Dom on top? Enzo at the bottom? The boys, bit players at ABS-CBN, have been the favorites lately at the local underwear brand’s ads. Can anybody explain why?

More from that boy

Whatever happened to Marco Morales?

Body of Evidence

It’s good that Bench/Body is finally heeding the call for more bulge and VPL in its ads. The natural look is in, for boldness’ sake! Hump Day boy Josh Barfuss headlines this season’s briefs and underthings. Did he perform well? Did he meet our expectations for a bulging Bench boy?

Jeff Olalia still has it!

Cute boy

Dem Boys

Tongues are wagging. Are they going out now?


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