Monthly Archives: December 2018


Silly me, I haven’t been sharing enough, right? It’s just that I’ve been busy and got the ennui this year. There’s always Twitter and Instagram for you guys. But this is my spot, where I can share and write. This year has been good. I had time for myself. Less negativity and toxicity from all the wayward readers of muckland. I think everything has changed from the time I started this site in 2007. But I plod on. Here’s to the new year!


Happier times

Padilla Bros

Joem Bascon still has it

In town: Brazilian model Hans Weiser

Bum spot: Rhonee Rojas

Milker Had Video

Everyone is on extended holiday vacation these days. Time for some sleaze! Here’s one boy we featured before. I think he was a trendsetter or something for a local brand specializing in underwear. There’s no need for the undies shots though: he’s all out and about in his pink shirt. Lovely.

Snake in his pants: Luke Zetazate

Everybody loves Clint Bondad!

King: Mustafa Elezali

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