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Worldly Desires

Our Mister World may not be much of a looker, but this photo of JB Saliba in the Garden of Earthly Delights is enough to burn our collective loins. Who can’t miss that nice bulge down there? Bulge trumps beauty, then?

Porn dude Silver Daliwag

Luke Conde still at it

Baller Thirdy Ravena half-naked

The escort, Ion Perez

Apple of the Eye

All Moan Okra

Enchong Dee-lite

The recent outing of actor-swimmer Enchong Dee in Avon Mens Club proved to everyone that he’s still in the (showbiz) game. That physique alone is proof-positive that despite the advancing years, his body has not been woefully ravaged by time, junk food, and some interesting people in showbiz.

Casting couch poster boy: Joseph Marco

Albie intense

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