Abel Jimeno graduates

Abel Jimeno is now a college graduate. Unlike other models who chose to pursue their so-called careers to the point of dropping out of school, sexy hunk Abel Jimeno finished a university degree [Mechanical Engineering] at the Mapua Institute of Technology.  The 22-year-old part-time model was a runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Body 2008 contest. He has done ramp modeling and tv commercials, too.

Abel Jimeno gets moody

Abel Jimeno doesn’t look happy in those images above. Nevertheless, he still looks sexy in ┬átiny briefs. Abel Jimeno was first runner-up in the recently-concluded Mr. Sexy Body 2008 sponsored by Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. The 22-year-old Mapua Institute of Technology student [taking up Mechanical Engineering] is also a bikini contest regular. He was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Tabaco, Albay.

Abel Jimeno, Mr. Sexy Body too.

Abel Jimeno, the dark and sexy male model from the Mapua Institute of Technology , landed as first runner-up at the Mr. Sexy Body 2008 contest held recently. One of the crowd favorites, the seasoned bikini open contestant has already done ramp and commercial modeling assignments, in between classes in his Mechanical Engineering course at the Mapua.

Soulful Swarthy Hunk for the Weekend

I confess a predilection for models of the Chinese-looking or dark-skinned [bordering on the nigrescent] varieties. As I’ve had my post recently on the former [see Ernesto Calopez ], here’s another example within the other spectrum of my preferment – the dark brooding alpha male. His name is Abel Jimeno, a 21-year old model from Paranaque City [originally from Tabaco, Albay in Bicol Province]. He’s no ordinary model-wannabe as Abel Jimeno came from good schools – San Beda High School and Mapua Institute of Technology [taking up Mechanical Engineering]. Born in Saudi Arabia, the 5’9″ tall Abel has done ramp shows in between school break. With modeling merely as a part-time job, he is determined to finish his course and be a licensed Mechanical Engineer soon.