The Richards


Imagining Alden


We always have the creative and imaginative bunch of readers.  From the mail, I guess I will just have to imagine this is Alden Richards when he was an unknown living in the sticks of Laguna.  Young, fresh and inviting. If you’re trying to figure out how hot Alden is in underwear, maybe this fan-made photo will do the trick. More or less.

Ultimate Dadbod


Flashback several years ago to Richard Gomez’s last and final appearance in public wearing tiny Bench Body underwear (plus cape). Such a site to behold, actually, douchebaggery aside.


Such chunk of brown man-meat  sent a million quivers in the loins of the screaming audience that night at the stadium.  Who wouldn’t? With an immaculate body – super arms that are built to the right proportion, a midsection that ripples in every direction, and strong legs that are well defined, how could Goma wrong?


Sweet Sunday

Alden1Undoubtedly the most popular local actor now in local showbiz, Alden Richards makes for one fine post this Sunday. This is an old photo (HD) taken for Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine when he was still struggling within  the confines of GMA network. Of course, back then he already had the stuff made for superstardom – charm and that handsome boyish face. The love trail is a major plus.

The Bernardos

Bernardo1 Bernardo2

The Aldub phenomenon also brought three cute boys to the forefront of pop consciousness. Never mind if they’re models and two have foreign ancestry, they’re too cute and very popular these days! Dubbed as the Bernardos, the three have become recognizable faces today. The most senior, Joco San Juan was a Cosmo  bachelor five years ago, so he wasn’t included in this year’s list. Corbin Edmonds is from Canada while Kyle Perry is from the US. Any one will do, if you ask me.