Then and Now

Old pics time. Before he joined Mossimo Bikini Summit . Before he did that shaved-pubes shoot. And before he became a fashion stylist and started to be, uh, fashion-forward [and chichi], Carlos Concepcion looked like …….

This. Like a cute school boy fresh out of his neatly pressed uniform whites and slacks. In 2004 he was a contestant in the Mr. and Ms. Bikini International which gathered newbies from all backgrounds [Jude Marco, Guiness, Marko, Jadel, Cherroy, Bembol,and Randolph were all there]. He didn’t win, but it paved the way for his entry into the modeling scene.

Repost: Carlos Concepcion

Carlos Concepcion is again in the limelight, courtesy of that blog that originally exposed, via hatred for a notorious gay grifter, Manila society’s quirks and quacks.  When Carlos admitted that the risque photos that came out last year were actually him, the issue died a natural death. Now, his name is being dragged into another issue in the mold of the Jojo Veloso scandals ages ago [to the uninformed, Veloso was the talent manager accused of exploiting his male talents big time].  I heart Carlos Concepcion and I would be crushed to hear baaad things about him. To deal rationally with the issue, here’s the link of that account in that blog.

Work your midsection!

Models: Douglas Robinson [topmost] and Carlos Concepcion

In a recent study by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, it was declared that waist circumference is more conclusive than either weight or body-mass index [BMI] as a measure of disease risk. Miami cardiologist Arthur Agatston, MD, author of the South Beach Diet supports this research by saying that: “Abdominal fat is different and more dangerous than fat elsewhere. Unlike fat directly under the skin, belly fat, which adheres to organs, is associated with increases in C-reactive protein [CRP] and other markers of inflammation that can lead to heart disease.” So guys, other than working your abs to flaunt in the beach this summer, there is a more scientific and healthful reason for doing it. Say, your life depends on it.

Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion

He holds a hyphenated title as long as his name. Model-entrepreneur-singer-dancer-designer Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Easily the most controversial in his group, Take 5 – that boyband that performs every 1 pm on the Sunday show SOP, Carlos has remained unscathed. In fact he has admitted to the photos that circulated in the net recently [see post ]. Still, his person remains a mystery as to his lineage [apparently an heir of the Concepcions of RFM, but isn’t Joey Concepcion the heir of the empire?], his school [DLSU or Benilde?], his real occupation [he listed “designer” in the last Metro Magazine body calendar]. All I know is that his mother is a prominent Santos of Cebu, that he has a big vacation house with a big pool somewhere south of Manila, and that he walks as if he’s floating. I’m not making the last one up, but he does look nice doing that; imagine his heels not touching the ground, that is how he does it. Just watch SOP every Sunday and see for yourselves. It is awfully cute. And then again, let’s give the good kid a break. He is in the biz to earn a living and to enjoy his life.