The Small Ones

Okay, here are the hot little ones, the bikini open contestants who slug it out with the other guys, 5’5″-tall and all. Who’s hotter between Gino Quintana [no. 8] and Charles Rivales [no. 3]? Gino appeared in an indie flick where he dangled his member. Charles, a barista, is relatively new to the bikini scene and has been winning some small-bar contests of late. Who’s your pick?

Cutie Charlie

Well, you were wondering about him. That cute guy who appeared in a teenie weenie red bikini a day ago [scroll down]. His name is Charles Rivales, and he’s been around the bikini open circuit for quite some time already. At the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s auditions for bachelors last year, he listed himself as a barista at the Bo’s Coffee Club in Glorietta, Makati. So there.

Bikini Summer

Summer is definitely here as bikini contests are now all over town – from strip malls to resorts, sleazy joints to theater venues. This season is good enough reason to stage contests to ogle at able and willing men in their teenie-weenie bikinis. Since there has been a decline in the number of men wearing budgie smugglers for the past few years – as men’s swimwear has evolved into the long board shorts, bikini open contests remind cute boys that scanty is the way to go. Contest veterans Arbie Silva [left] and Charles Rivales show us how.