Electrifying: Errol Iglesias

Mr. Big Errol Iglesias was one of the featured guys in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors f0r 2008. This hunky native of Zambales province has been in the modeling business for quite some time now. His efforts [and patience] are paying off, as he is starting to get noticed in the biz. He is listed in Cosmo as a registered nurse, although he is reportedly working now as a call center agent in Manila.

Errol for Sunday

Since I will be posting late tomorrow because I’m running in a half-marathon around Manila, I’ll just have to leave you, guys, first with Errol, who uncannily looks like actor Mark Herras. I sure hope this one’s enough for now – lean, cute and hairy, young and hawt, with no qualms baring for us. Errol is a regular contestant at the contests sponsored by Lips Bar in San Juan. Peace out!

The Kill Bill moment

Model is Errol Iglesias, 25, freelance model.
At a tony bar last night, my friend and I couldn’t get a decent swig out of our bottles, largely due to the fact there were oodles of good-looking boys and we had to stare. Thing is, they had girlfriends with them – girls who felt special and twisty and girly because they are in the company of clear-faced cute boys. Suddenly, bored friend goes loose with his gayspeak: “This is the perfect Kill Bill moment.” Turns out, “Kill Bill” is supposed to mean “Kill the bilat” – ice the bitch and lech for the hunk. I’m not so sure if such term is being used these days, as it was my first time to hear it, although my catty friend assured me that he heard it long ago from his older friends. Anyhow, as we rattled off other funny Pinoy gayspeak phrases, we had wicked fun last night.