New Boy

There are lots of new movies to look forward to in the coming days. One of them gay-themed-with-boys-in-briefs flicks is Indie Boys. It is a searing look at the goings-on inside the production of soft porn gay indie films. One of the boys in the movie is Guio Munoz, billed under the “Introducing” line. I’m wondering what he’ll show or do in Indie Boys, which will be shown on 25 August 2010 in selected theaters.


It looks like erstwhile indie fresh boy Andrew Miguel has put some mileage on. Not too long ago, he appeared as a fresh-faced colt in the direct-to-video Freshman and as one of the singers in the boy-group YM. He was last seen in the controversial flick Bayaw, as support to Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily. Now, Andrew Miguel is back as the lead actor in Indie Boys, a movie about, uh, boys in the local indie cinema circuit – with a queer twist. It will be shown on 25 August 2010 in select theaters.

Indie Boy

There’s a new independently produced movie coming soon and one of the actors is Ian Mesias. The movie’s entitled Indie Boys, which is about the gay indie movie industry. It is actually the story of a veteran director who was forced to take on a racy movie to prove to everyone that he’s still in his element. Indie Boys will be shown on 25 August 2010 in selected theaters. More details and nekkid boys pretty soon!