It looks like erstwhile indie fresh boy Andrew Miguel has put some mileage on. Not too long ago, he appeared as a fresh-faced colt in the direct-to-video Freshman and as one of the singers in the boy-group YM. He was last seen in the controversial flick Bayaw, as support to Paolo Rivero and Janvier Daily. Now, Andrew Miguel is back as the lead actor in Indie Boys, a movie about, uh, boys in the local indie cinema circuit – with a queer twist. It will be shown on 25 August 2010 in select theaters.

Andrew Miguel makes it

Boyish Andrew Miguel is included in the 2009 list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors. It must mean something that he’s in the pack – that is, he must have done some deed to get noticed by those who made such list. It could have been the Freshman flick, or the Bola movie. His stint in Bayaw could have gotten him in the selection. Incidentally, Bayaw‘s commercial showing was postponed by the producers due to the fact that the MTRCB still slapped the movie with an X rating.

And then there were two…

Cute boy Dex Quindoza is no longer part of the the boy-group YM [Young Men]. That leaves young stud Edgar Allan Guzman and freshman Andrew Miguel as members of the new band, although the YM management might add new ones pretty soon. Sources say that Dex was asked by GMA Artist Center to quit YM and venture instead as a solo artist because of some huge potential as a singer and actor. Yet, people close to YM state that Dex was actually dropped because he’s getting “too hot to handle.” Whatever the reasons are, here’s hoping that the guys get to have booming careers in showbiz. And I’m being nice today.

Bayaw News

An announcement from Climax Films, the producer of the Cinemalaya entry Bayaw [directed by controversial Sagwan megman Monti Parungao], which will have its premiere on 21 July 2009 at the Cultural Center of the Philipines [CCP]-

1. Tickets will be available for sale starting tomorrow at the CCP Ticket Office or Ticketworld.
2. Seats will all be free seating and on a first-come first-served basis.
3. There will only be 150 seats available for sale and there will only be one screening of the uncut version. We highly suggest people buy their tickets immediately as it is expected to go out fast. We do not know how MTRCB will react to the film and video so this is the best opportunity to watch the film in its integral version.
4. The stars of Bayaw, namely Paolo, Janvier and Andrew have all confirmed their attendance for the premiere. Fans will get to see them in person during the premiere.


This is a cool poster from the new movie Bayaw, which is an entry at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition. If the poster’s concept looks familiar, it’s because the producer Climax Films Studio is the same publisher of the daring Climax magazines. The movie is entered in the NETPAC competition of Cinemalaya. NETPAC [Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema] is an international non-profit organization composed of Asian critics, film educators, and festival organizers. The group gives out its award in select international film festivals to promote Asian cinema by choosing exceptional films and discovering new talents. Bayaw hopes to win the prestigious award.
Comer Andrew Miguel is in the movie as a mysterious guy with an important role in the lives of the in-laws, portrayed by Paolo and Javier [who have interesting scenes of the frontal nudity variety]. According to the producer of the movie, the film “wanted to explore the complex relationship that can possibly develop between two in-laws forced into a difficult and dangerous situation. It is because of these extraordinary circumstances that a unique bond formed between the two in-laws—a bond bordering family ties, brotherhood, camaraderie and love.” Mark this date: 21 July 2009 [Tuesday] 9 p.m. at Venue 2 – Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino [CCP Little Theater]. That’s the premiere night of Bayaw. See you there!

Andrew does Bola

New boy on the block Andrew Miguel is all set to the new indie movie Bola.  As the title suggests, it will be a take on the lives of varsity basketball players and their extracurricular activities.  The 5’8″-tall Andrew will take the lead and most likely, Jolas Paguia will be there, too.  Andrew Miguel is in two Cinemalaya entries next month – Astig and Bayaw. Moreover, he’s busy promoting his group YM‘s new recording album.

“Huwag Bayaw”

Huwag Bayaw is the title of a movie made 30 years ago which was a contender for the coveted Best Picture award at the 1979 FAMAS Awards.  Although the title is rather funny now considering the reference to a very malicious brother in-law, the movie was one of the more serious flicks at that time with a sensitive topic.  Next month, there’s another Bayaw movie that will be shown. It is a suspense-thriller with lots of scenes of the same-sex persuasion. Apparently, this is an exhibition film entered in the 2009 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition at the MTRCB-free Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. In photo are the lead actors Paolo Rivero, Janvier Daily and Andrew Miguel together.    

YM more

Here are more photos of the new boy-group YM [Young Men].  They are releasing a new album under Ivory Music and Records called  I-YM Mo ‘Ko.  The three boys can actually sing although they were known to have come from personality [and bikini] contests.  Andrew Miguel was the first runner-up at noontime show Eat Bulaga’s Mr. Pogi 2003. Edgar Allan Guzman, on the other hand, romped off with the Mr. Pogi 2006 title. And Dex Quindoza was a reality-tv castoff [Starstruck 4] and Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 candidate.  By the way, the group has an interesting song in their album – Nagmahal Ako [Ng Bakla].  

First Seen: YM!

l-r: Dex Quindoza, Edgar Allan Guzman and Andrew Miguel

Boy-groups these days are dime a dozen.  They are so common – they take off their shirts, primp and pose and sing a few catchy lines with double entendres. What sets the new boy-bunch YM, which stands for “Young Men” apart from the rest is the sight of fresh young men, with fine musical and dancing skills.  Former Studs member and Mr. Pogi 2006 winner Edgar Allan Guzman can sing and dance because he has done workshops for GMA-7 after he won the talent search.  He also trained to be a host and a theater actor.  Mossimo Bikini Open cutie and GMA reality-TV talent search Starstruck eliminee Dex Quindoza is also a dancer and singer. He was the most talented guy in his Starstruck batch.  And then there’s mysterious freshman Andrew Miguel who went through a series of acting workshops at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP]. Plus, he can sing and dance, too.  The group is coming out with an album entitled I-YM Mo ‘Ko under Ivory Music.

Andrew Miguel comes

Fresh and yummy boy Andrew Miguel is busy.  After the release of his straight-to-video flick Freshman,  he is in the feature-length movie Astig [Mga Batang Kalye] starring Dennis Trillo and Paolo Paraiso.  Astig is one of the finalists in next month’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition.  He’s also in the soon-to-be released flick Bayaw with Paolo and Janvier  and in another “special interest” video called Bola, about the lives of basketball players and their sponsors.  The 5’8″-tall Andrew Miguel is 21 years old and a student at the Asia Pacific College in Makati City. As one of the members of the new boy-group YM [Young Men], he can sing and dance.  Tee-hee.