Ah, the scent of shirtless men in an airless gym! I just realized I have featured all of dem boys, Joseph, Joross, Marco, Derick, Jordan and JC here before in various states of undress (in briefs, actually), through the early years

and then it dawned on me, it’s going to be the 11th year of this sleazy blog in February! Time flies fast, and the boys gained some poundage, too. What the heck, they’re still delish as ever.

Don’t forget WK!

WK is, of course, Walang Kawala, that independently-produced gay-themed movie directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan.  The cast includes Polo Ravales and Joseph Bitangcol in sexy scenes, plus Marco Morales who gets to do a frontal-nudity scene.  And then there are the other boys lurking in the background, with nothing but the skimpiest briefs on, e.g. Dexter Castro [photo above, foreground].  The movie will have its premiere night at the UP Film Institute tomorrow at 7 pm. Uncut, most definitely. See you all there!

Polo and Joseph

So there, Joseph Bitangcol is already 24 years old but still he looks like a cute teenager and I am pretty glad that he’s trying to shed  [“shed” used in a nice, non-smart-alecky way, by the way] that image of a teenybopper, less-serious actor via the acting vehicle, Walang Kawala, directed by award-winning film and tv director Joel Lamangan, who says he did not have a hard time convincing Polo Ravales and the now-daring Joseph B. to roll over, get nekkid and do more than just kissy-kissy, which is the highlight of the DMV Entertainment-produced movie scheduled for its premiere night on November 6 at the UP Film Institute, uncut of course, and whether Joseph B. is uncut, we’ll have to find out, too, on that playdate!