In Disguise

There’s a new movie opening tomorrow and it’s called Balat Kayo (loosely translated in English, “disguise”).  Erstwhile teen actor Polo Ravales loses shirt and pants, but that’s not the main reason why you’re watching local movies, right?  The plot according to the PR: “Balat Kayo” tells the story of an OFW couple (played by Polo

Ravales and Aiko Melendez) who are engaged in extra-marital affairs on the countries they’re working at. They will return to the Philippines to rescue their son who will be involved in a sex scandal that caused the death of his girlfriend.  The son is played by comer James Robert from Cebu and the real come-on is the full frontal nude scene in the director’s cut. Did I say come a lot? Watch the movie!

Tats Miscellaneous

Oh, these boys and what they do to their bodies! Do you think they’re sexy?

carlo-sawit copy

Baby-faced Carlo Sawit gets the message across.


Cutie Carlo Guevara shows off the obvious ones (he has 3 stars on his butt cheeks)


Brazilian Diego Furoni goes vanilla –  on his arm.


Erstwhile teenybopper Polo Ravales prefers the ink sleeve.


Bikini boy Rez Fil with the hidden message.

jiro3 copy

Underwear model Jiro Shirakawa likes ’em hip.


While model Mark McMahon wants it on the waist.

ronnie t

Notorious social media boy Ronnie Toribio put one on his neck.


Jake Cuenca strategically places it lower.


And Dennis Trillo has it all over.


There was a time when GMA-7’s top guy Dingdong Dantes was in a league with Polo Ravales. Both started out as teen actors in GMA’s most popular teen show then. Now Dingdong has evolved into the leading man of his time, thanks to his studio’s aggressive efforts to up his street cred. On the other hand, Polo seems to have resigned to the fact that he’ll never climb up the ladder in the studio backlot. He has accepted roles in indie cinema, some rather risque, e.g. Walang Kawala. These days, Polo is doing supporting roles on tv, if not the token cute-boy-with-the-great-bod villain.

Don’t forget WK!

WK is, of course, Walang Kawala, that independently-produced gay-themed movie directed by award-winning director Joel Lamangan.  The cast includes Polo Ravales and Joseph Bitangcol in sexy scenes, plus Marco Morales who gets to do a frontal-nudity scene.  And then there are the other boys lurking in the background, with nothing but the skimpiest briefs on, e.g. Dexter Castro [photo above, foreground].  The movie will have its premiere night at the UP Film Institute tomorrow at 7 pm. Uncut, most definitely. See you all there!

Polo and Joseph

So there, Joseph Bitangcol is already 24 years old but still he looks like a cute teenager and I am pretty glad that he’s trying to shed  [“shed” used in a nice, non-smart-alecky way, by the way] that image of a teenybopper, less-serious actor via the acting vehicle, Walang Kawala, directed by award-winning film and tv director Joel Lamangan, who says he did not have a hard time convincing Polo Ravales and the now-daring Joseph B. to roll over, get nekkid and do more than just kissy-kissy, which is the highlight of the DMV Entertainment-produced movie scheduled for its premiere night on November 6 at the UP Film Institute, uncut of course, and whether Joseph B. is uncut, we’ll have to find out, too, on that playdate!

Polo holds court

You may have noticed the sofa from the publicity shots of Kambyo.  But this time, it’s Polo Ravales promoting the movie Walang Kawala.  I received another bunch of publicity photos from one of the WK people, and the pictures of erstwhile teen idol Joseph Bitangcol are quite revealing. By now, you may have seen them from other sites.  In the meantime, here’s Polo Ravales again for WK, which will have its uncut preem on November 6 at the UP Film Institute.

Loco over Marco!

I’m loving Marco Morales now.  Well, it helped that he did those bikinis and the sexy bit in the new movie Walang Kawala, which I’m definitely watching on its uncut preem at the UP Film Institute on November 6.  The actor-singer is starring with Polo Ravales, as seen in the photo above taking directions from director Joel Lamangan [hand shown].  Okay, mark this schedule guys:  Nov. 6 premiere at the UP Film Institute; Nov. 12 regular screening in theaters around Metro Manila, Cebu and Bacolod. Plus the special press screening on Oct. 28 at the plush MyCinema in Greenbelt 3.  

Polo peek

It looks like Polo Ravales is on a roll, a nekkid romp in the movie he just did recently, entitled Walang Kawala. Slated for showing in November 12, this DMV Entertainment movie puts Polo in sexy scenes with teen actor Joseph Bitangcol.  It is a gay story of “true love, rape and revenge” according to the makers of the movie.   Photo above was taken from his other daring movie, Silip, shown years back.