On the occasion of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s Bachelors Bash, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “beyond-hot” list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will walk down the runways tonight in racy costumes and briefs? And the awards go to …….

Cute Puppy Award
Lights-Were-Off-When-They-Did-The-GoSee Award

Best Nipples Award

Promising Comer Award

Aren’t-You-A-Tad-Old-To-Be-A-Bachelor-Still? Award

Barely-Legal-But-Most-Delish Award

Big-Things-Come-In-Small-Packages Award

PLU Citation

How’d-You-Get-In-The-List-Again? Award

Package-Deal-With-Ahron Citation

Smarty-Pants Award

Hunky Boy Award

Best Uncle Fester Grin Award

Sexy Student Award

Please Breathe Award

The Jailbait Award

Just-To-Get-You-In-The-List Citation

The Amazing Moobs [Man Boobs] Award

You-Ought-To-Be-In-The-Ten-Centerfolds Award