MaverickLegs make the man. Well, partly. You have to add in a good mug, taut skin, fit bod, large functioning penis, powerful arms. Top model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit has nice legs – smooth with scattered baby hair. They look tight and strong, too. Who wants to go for those legs?

GErard ge43Yes, hot legs and hot bod. It’s male mod (and actor, now) Gerard Garcia basking under the sun without any care in the world. Legs slightly apart, with a hint of crotch and some gouch, you know, that area between the balls and the hole. Oh, this cute guy’s tempting and taunting. He’s blazin’ in dem rigid undies!

Top models in underwear


Today we take a break from the sleaze and smuttiness. How about top models Maverick Kelvin Mangilit (left) and Martin Flores on the menu? The boys are tall and interestingly sexy. They’re  two of the top male mannequins for Manila’s top designers. Don’t they look hawt in their identical Calvins, blobs and bulges included?


IMG_7433 copy
And so we move to a new platform. After days of migrating all the posts for the past 7 years  [and interrupted postings], we’re back to semi-regular duty.  Our first guy on the VPL block is popular male model Maverick Kelvin Mangilit. You’ve seen him in the Fashion Week series, Bench Body shows and Cosmopolitan [Phils] Bachelor Bash in skimpy underclothes. Of course, he’s good at teasin’ and taunting in his sexy poses.


See, they’re doing it in the Fashion Week series! Apparently, the forecast for spring-summer 2012 is flimsy-fabric underwear/swimwear and the more protuberance, the better! Just at look at that, eh? Now there’s something to look forward to in summer next year! I think the guy model is Maverick Kelvin Mangilit, an engineer by profession, and a frequent PFW runway mod.