Face Off

I can’t decide who’s hotter between David Licauco or Neil Dy. So I’m putting it out here, for you dear wayward readers to decide. Both are Bench endorsers, although David pushed the envelope a wee bit farther with his briefs-clad turn at the recent underwear show. We expect Neil to do the same, soon, but what the heck, you’ve seen his privates here some time ago, right?



Remember that viral photo of a guy in a police-officer shirt ? He’s not really a cop, but a student at the Ateneo. Some boys really do have it all. While some of it may be God-given, there is also a ton of work that goes into someone this cute, cut and chiseled.


Model and student Neil Dy puts a lot of work into his overall look, not that he’s lacking in the looks department.My hat goes off to this kind of regimen. The 6’3″-tall hottie surely¬† ranks up there in the perfection of male models, with their perfectly-pumped pecs and smoothly-shaved nether regions.

Smoothly shaved nether regions example: Neil6