Chunky: Clark Garcia

Twenty-nine year old Clark Señara otherwise known then as Clark Garcia, was formerly Mr. Cagayan de Oro 1998, Mr. Millennium 1998 and Mr. Centennial 1998. Eight years ago, he was a favorite gay mag cover and pinup boy, gamely hamming it up with just a maritime rope to cover himself. The [hazel] brown-eyed, 5’10” chunk is now a singer, actually a boyband member that performs for RJTv, that 70s time-warped TV station with quirky, entertaining and funny-without-meaning-to shows. He is also under the management of Cosmopolitan Promotions and Casting Agency. Last seen, Clark has now gained a few kilos unlike his former frame.

WITWI Joshua Diaz

Where in the world is Joshua Diaz, that cute twink ages ago who went from comely to cocky? He was in the cutesy teen series Click [with a then-prepubescent but already irritating Maui Taylor before she got her twins] in GMA 7, as one of the cuter and nicer guys. Suddenly he switched image [apparently upon the prodding of his father-manager who wanted easy stardom for his kid] and went to town in his speedos, starring in a sexy comedy, the forgettable Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki, with the crazy singer Mystica as his love interest. Nothing much happened after that, notwithstanding the beefcake photos that came out in the magazines. Last I heard from my friend UPH [], the guy’s in one of the call centers in Makati, still looking good.